Actress Chizzy Alichi Spoke About her Wedding Experience, Marriage Will Never Stop Me From Acting

Nollywood actress, who did a very elaborate and glamorous wedding with husband Chike Ugochukwu Mbah, shares her wedding experience so far.

According to her, In a chat with Inside Nollywood, the new bride, who is currently enjoying her honeymoon, stated that she will not let marriage stall her acting career. She also revealed the exotic part of her wedding that excited her the most.

She said: “After the whole marriage brouhaha, I feel okay, I feel normal. I was thinking that after marriage I would feel different but it is still the same me. My husband is my best friend. I also won’t let my marriage affect my career; never! In fact, after my honey moon, I am coming back fully. I have a line up of jobs already waiting for me and I will be producing my own movies once in a while because my husband bought me almost all the necessary equipment for production. He is 100 per cent in support of my career.

She added by saying: “The most exciting part of the wedding for me was the exchange of vows and kissing. I really loved that part”

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