Actress Joke Silva Claims To Still Have a Good Sex With Husband Despite Old Age

Joke Silva Jacobs has revealed to us that she and her husband Olu Jacobs still do the sex thing in a way that is suitable for the old.

the actress made this known during her appearance as a guest on TVC’s show, Your View.

See what she said below;

“Yes, we still do the do, but in a way that is suitable for our age”, the actress said.

The actress also spoke about how she was sexually harassed by a university professor after given both the two children.

“This issue of sexual harassment does not have anything to do with how you dress. I didn’t want to go to university because I just wanted to do my acting thing and my parents allowed me.

“I already had two children before going to the university, yet, I got harassed by a professor,” she added.

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