Best Proven Morning Food for The Yorubas – Breakfast Recipe That Rocks Healthy Family


In Yoruba land, right from the olden days, the Yorubas are known to take Pap and Akara (beans cake) as morning food. We can say it is part of the food they like for breakfast.

Pap is easy to prepare which am very sure everyone knows how to get it done, am not sure if my assumption is right, have heard of a lady who said she doesn’t know how to prepare pap.

That very day I was amazed but what more can I say than to teach her how to go about it.

It is possible for a whole lot of individual that are not Yoruba not to know how to Akara (Beans cake) can be prepared but amidst Yoruba most of them we know how to get it done.

Pap and akara are one of the best breakfast food that can be taken before heading out to the place of work, it is commonly taken and loved by Yorubas.

For a healthy family is it advisable to take this meal once in a while in the morning, add milk to the pap for nutrition and add ginger to the beans cake to spice it up and feel the natural tastes and feelings it is going to bring.

The meal is good for the family


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