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Best Way to do a Wedding on a Low Budget in Nigeria


Wedding is a good thing, everyone would definitely want to do that one day, but the point is are you really ready for all the expenses that come with a wedding.

These days in this present Nigeria, 1million is not even enough to get a wedding done.

What people don’t understand is that life after the wedding is much important than the wedding.

Have you ever for once think of how you are going to be surviving after the wedding.

Don’t spend all that you have on the wedding, at least save money that can be used to run the house after the wedding.

1. Do introduction

2. Follow by traditional wedding

3. Court wedding

4. Church wedding

A church wedding will take a lot of money from you, instead of doing church wedding why can’t you plan for your future with that money meant for the church wedding,

Am not discouraging church wedding here but it is not everybody that has the money to do it.

If you are really looking for ways to get money saved and make it useful for you after the wedding then opt-in for just introduction, traditional and court wedding but if you have the money you can go for church wedding too.

Just make sure you don’t start suffering after the wedding for your action.

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