Best Way to Secure Hostel in Nigeria Universities, polytechnics & colleges

Sometimes it is difficult for student to secure hostel in Nigeria universities, polytechnic and college of education.


When you are given admission into any school the next thing is where to live and how to survive in school but the most challenging is the accommodation aspect.


In some schools it is easy to get an accommodation while in some other schools it is not that easy


However, you must get an accommodation for yourself either within the school or outside the campus


 Some students like to stay within the school so as to reduce the cost of renting an off campus hostel while some preferred to stay off campus, whatever the case maybe every student need accommodation.


Below are the things you need to know, if you must secure hostel within the school premises in Nigeria;


 Step #1 Quickly register for hostel when the registration is going on

In any tertiary institution, there are time when registration of hostel will be done for students who are interested in living within the school premises, if you are one of those that love to live within the school premises don’t miss the opportunity when the registration is going on, the school hostel is always cheaper compare to off campus hostel.


Step #2 Pay the hostel fee when it is necessary

If you don’t want your hostel to be for someone else, you need to pay the hostel fee as fast as possible, if you delay the payment, they are so many other students who want that same hostel you have gotten, and if you fail to pay in time, you have given them the chance to replace you in that hostel, so make sure you pay hostel fee when it is necessary to do so.


These are the two steps you need to follow as a student who want a hostel accommodation within the school.


Next time am going to talk about how to secure off campus accommodation in Nigeria institutions.

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