Brooklyn Beckham Is Rocking Classic American Workwear Label just like Daniel Day-Lewis did

In December, Daniel Day-Lewis was spotted stepping out onto the streets of Manhattan. He never knew would win over the hearts of the fashion world. The actor threw everyone a curveball by slipping on some Carhartt, the classic American workwear brand.

Brooklyn Beckham, it is now the new Carthartt fan to throw into the mix. Brooklyn joined his mother, designer Victoria Beckham, for some lunch in New York City. For the occasion, Beckham, too, wore that same identical Carhartt jacket in tan, with a worn-in corduroy collar. He styled it in a classic, all-American way: a white T-shirt, some brown chords, and black Chuck Taylors. Slung around his body was also a camera, only further driving home his haute-hipster look.

Considering cool brands such as Gosha Rubchinskiy have recently collaborated with Carhartt, it’s safe to say that workwear label official having a moment, especially now that it’s being worn by both millennial (Beckham) and legends (Day-Lewis) alike. Both men look great in it.

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