Children Are Calling for Responsible Fathers Again in Nigeria

Children calling for responsible fathers
Before a young boy can become a father he would have ones be a boy, when little, the boy needs to be taught many things by his parents in the olden days our fathers are to be proud of because they are responsible enough to take care of their wives and children, even relation without neglecting friends.
Over time lot of things has changed, the world is changing positively and everything tends to be moving faster, the rate at which information spread these days is more than the olden days, yet fathers tend to be more responsible in nature than fathers of today.
Many, who are reading this post would what to get the clear picture of what I have in mind, if you want to know don’t hesitate to read through;
When you go on the street to conduct a survey from children in Nigeria about their fathers you are going to hear what they have to say negatively, that is not enough look around you try to do a little assessment about families living close to you, there you are going to see a lot of single mothers around you.
The question is do we still have responsible fathers in Nigeria, it saddens my heart every day to hear or see kids being neglected by their fathers, without taking care of. I wonder why fathers  nowadays go into marriage when they know they are not going to take proper care of the kids given to them by God, it is a privilege to have them, don’t abandoned kids for their mothers to take responsibility all alone, this is not right fathers don’t leave your responsibility to mothers, take charge and be a man.
Before a child can be brought to life, they must have been a mutual agreement between the two parties and in a case, where there is no any mutual agreement at least note that the did have been done and there is a need to come together and give proper care to the child so that he or she can also be responsible in the nearest future.
This thing contributes to the problem we are facing in our society and country at large because a child who does not receive care would or can turn to anything negatively.

Let broken families come back together, reunite and care for their children.
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