Cost of Renting an Accommodation in Ikorodu Lagos Nigeria

Our life is just like a moving train, that is surely going to get to is destination, am not talking about tourism here but we all have reasons why we want to stay or live in a particular place. Some may prefer to live within Lagos while some may want to live in kano, Abuja, Enugu, or in Oyo state, however relocating from one place to another require you to have some basic knowledge about where you are planning to relocate to.

Cost of Renting an Accommodation in Ikorodu Lagos Nigeria


living a comfortable life in any part of Nigeria can be possible if that particular state of interest is meant for you, you are going to enjoy your stay over there.

Average Nigerians want to live in Lagos but do you know the cost of renting an apartment in Lagos state, you may not know it.

 Don’t worry that is the reason why am here but I cannot capture everything at once for today am going to be telling you the cost of getting an accommodation in Ikorodu Lagos Nigeria, it is somehow cheaper comparing to other part of the state. If you are looking for rooming apartment, 2 bedrooms, flat, mini flat or 3-bedroom flat you are going to see all of these in Ikorodu but let me give you the breakdown of the cost of renting an apartment over there.

To get a room self-contain in ikorodu Lagos Nigeria you must have up to N90,000 yes I said 90k because of the commission and agreement fee that they do add, the cost of the accommodation for a room self-contain is not much than 50k while the remaining 40k goes for commission and agreement, in some places within ikorodu total package is up to 120k or 150k don’t you think we need to look for ways to eradicate that commission and agreement of a thing, it is killing if I may say.

okay, moving from rom self to room and parlor self-contain you need up to 170k for a whole year house rent, after first year of payment the money will drastically reduce while for 2 bedrooms flat you need nothing less than 250k and the 3 bedroom flat goes for 350k.

so far so good, I have given you the breakdown of what you should expect, if you are thinking of renting an apartment in Ikorodu Lagos Nigeria. the choice is yours, to go for the best
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