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Don’t just be a Man of Vision But an Achiever of Success


I was chatting with someone and she said you are a man of vision, instantly i looked at myself, i said i don’t just want to be a man of vision but an achiever of success.

What prompted that was when she uttered that statement then i realized that i have been trying to do so many things in the past to be a successful person and none has come to pass, when i heard that statement i told her i don’t just want to be a man of vision but achiever success.

It is better to be an achiever of success than being a man of vision,

Well, it is nice to have a vision but how long would it take to attain success should be put into consideration.

I thought of it and i started asking myself what are those thing that i was not doing right, why i have not attained the stage that i want.

Am challenging you today don’t just be an ordinary man of vision but an achiever of success.

I came to realized that must of the things i planned doing in the past i didn’t implement any, and without implementation, no success can be achieved, i traced back and i looked deeply to what am not doing right. Now i can proudly say things are getting better.

If that conversation can help me, this article can help you too, get something doing and do it right, don’t relent, you are the next star to be celebrated.

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