Ekpo Nta

FG promises Pensioners More Earnings in the New minimum Wage Agreement


Ekpo Nta who is the Acting Chairman of National Salaries, Incomes and Wages Commission, has made a promised to the pensioners, assuring them that their earnings will also be increased since the Federal Government has reached an agreement with the labour on the new minimum wage.

National President of the Nigeria Union of Pensioners, Abel Afolayan, received this promised when he visited Nta alongside the union’s leadership in Abuja.

According to Afolayan statement to Nta, he said;

“The issue is that the vast majority of the pensioners rely on the token they receive for survival. Tension has died down with the agreement reached between the federal government and organised labour over percentage consequential adjustments increase; but with the pensioners, the tension is high, and if we don’t have anything tangible to present to them or tell them at our meeting next week in Ibadan, there will be problems. They (pensioners) will say when are we having our own structure and templates?

“We still have people earning N2,000, some earning N10,000. Vast majority of pensioners in this country earn below N10,000. It is people in this category that are agitating. We want to know when our own work will start on your table.”

Nta told the pensioners their allowance was not ignored during the minimum wage negotiation.


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