Have you ever indulge in sexual activities and tend to regret your actions for life – learn from Jimi

Have you ever indulge in sexual activities and tend to regret your actions for life – learn from Jimi

It all started towards last year December 2018. Have never experienced such before in my life, said Jimi.

I have a girlfriend, we both love each other, we had promised never to cheat or hurt one another.

But the whole shit started happening when i got admitted into a tertiary institution while my babe at home seeking for admission.

I started cheating on her, it was a little bit late before i could realize that all that am doing doesn’t make any sense.

I met this new girl that i was messing around with, through a friend in school, we started seeing each other, she became a good friend, along the line she told my friend how much she loves me.

I got the information, and as a sharp guy went straight to meet her.

She told me we can’t date each other because she has a boyfriend and she is not ready to let go of him cause he has done nothing wrong.

As time passes by, she gave me a taste of her wetting pussy to smile with, i got it and ever since then we are doing the sex thing.

My girlfriend loves me so much and sincerely i do love her but i don’t really know what got me into this messy thing, anytime we had sex with new girl am always full of regrets.

Am not always active because not happy with what am doing.

However, i wanted to quit the whole thing long ago but because i know she loves me, i don’t want to hurt her.

Am confused, don’t really know what to do.

My Parents knew the other lady who happens to be my girlfriend, while her parents with siblings know me quite well.

I indulge in this, and i regret doing such.

Am tracing my way back to the beginning, i mean i wanna stick to my girlfriend and it is working, but anything i remember my past actions am not always pleased with it.

Please just a word of advice, when you have someone dear to your heart stick with such person, never let anything comes between that may lead to losing each other.

Relationship Advice!



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