How I Prepared Potatoes Porridge with just 200Naira + Video

How I Prepared Potatoes Porridge with just 200Naira + Video

Potatoes porridge is a very delicious meal to try by everyone who has not tried it before.

I got potatoes porridge prepared last week on Saturday and I love it. I was actually sitting down in my room watching TV, suddenly I started to have an experience of hunger.

It was in the afternoon, I couldn’t hold it any more than to think about what I can quickly prepare within the house because I don’t want to step outside.

I got the inspiration and i went straight into the kitchen to prepare a potatoes porridge that has no beef and fish inside.

I love it and it was very delicious food, i recorded the process, how i got it prepared.

The process is simple likewise it is very affordable to be prepared in terms of ingredients used. I got the whole food ready with just 200Naira.

I called myself thekitchenboy cause i love to be in the kitchen and get food prepared with little cash i have with me.

If you want to know how i got it prepared with 200Naira, drop a message in the comments section below. Thank you

Check the video out below;


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