How my wife cheated on me with my boss on our wedding eve’

It is indeed a pity to hear that  wife  cheated on wedding eve.

 My wife confessed she cheated on wife cheated with my boss before we got married and slept with him a night to our wedding . she confessed and i asked why she was confusing to me now,and her response was that my conscience is killing her because she sent my boss her nude pictures and she felt so bad . Bom I have not responded to her ,I just dragged my pillow and slept . But come to think of it,I think her confessing to me was a big slap on my face and an insult .

What is your advice for this man?
He said,
I just felt like killing my boss today during our meeting .
I am so bitter but just wearing the gentleman attitude . I will rather give her up than give up my job .

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