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Buying a land in some states can be frustrating, in fact with your money at hand someone can still find it difficult to get a land in Nigeria, especially places like Lagos, Abuja, and Ogun state and some other states. Yet after going through series of stress before getting that land of yours, don’t you think it is necessary to secure it so that they will not collect it from you and resell it to someone else.


Some are even getting scared of buying a land in Nigeria because after gotten the land that is when you are going to hear that the land is meant for someone else or the same people who sold the land out will still come back to that same portion of land and resell it to someone else, that is where it all started conflict I guess you know what am talking about.

Your land supposed to be yours forever, you don’t need to struggle for it, your mind supposed to be at rest but reserve is the case here, have seen cases where some people met their unexpected death as a result of fighting over land that they had purchased long time ago because of a sudden appearance someone else claiming that same portion of land belong to him or her.

All land belongs to government, if truly all land belong to government why is it that the government are not the one selling. It could have been better if our government should take charge of all lands and be the one selling them out, it will surely help in eradicating all forms of conflict that is occurring land in Nigeria, though that is not where am going today, am here to give you details on how you can easily secure your land.

 If truly you want to secure your land below are the necessary steps you need to follow in order to secure your land for life.

1.  Make proper investigation before buying a land.

Before buying any land it mandatory to consult all necessary agencies set aside by government to handle land matters, such as town planning office, ask for town planning office that is in charge of your area, go there talk with any officer that you see about the land you want to buy, they are the one to tell you if that land is free of acquisition or not. If the land is free they will surely tell you to proceed on and get the land.

Go for Land Document

The first document you are going to collect on your land is the receipt from the family that sell the land for you, but getting just ordinary receipt for the family is not enough, you can further have a genuine document registered with government by collecting stamp duty so as to confirm that okay this land has been sold to you, having the consent of the government.

Do The Survey of the Land?

After you have gotten your land and been done with the first documentation, thee next step is to do the perimeter survey of the land, and that is usually done by surveyor, contact of the surveyor to help you out with that and you must make sure you collect receipt for all money paid and collect the final result which is the survey plan of your land.

Make Architectural drawing

The reason why you need the architectural drawing even when you are not ready to develop your land is because you cannot secure land with town planning without having a drawing that is want they are going to use for processing your building approval.

I could have break down more steps you need to follow on land, if you are going into construction of developing of the land you acquired but since we are only focusing on securing you land I will need to skip the development process.

So let move forward on the process you need to know on securing your land, don’t forget I have mentioned some above, here is the continuation.

Register your land under any Court of your choice

Some didn’t know how important to register land with the court, if you register with them, they are going to have a copy of your land document and if any matter arises, please where are you taking it to, is it not court, having your land registered with the court will save you from losing your land to someone else.

Collect Approval and S of O from the Government

You must have building approval and collect S of O before you can have full ownership of your land, go to any town planning office and register your building plan and they are going to help you with approval and S of O process.

These are the necessary steps you need to follow in Nigeria, if you don’t want to lose your land or any landed property that you have.

If you should do all what has been recommended on this post, nobody can collect your land from you again and these all give you all needed tools to fight anybody that want to take away your land from you, and don’t forget to visit your site always because it helps you know what is happening on your land and necessary steps needed to take if situation warrant.

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