I can’t get married to an illiterate like you

Hear what people are commenting on a posted about a Man who earns peanut only to Invest all his monthly salary on a Girl he wishes to Marry. He spent all his hard earned funds to send this lady to school from 100 level to 500 level and after her days in school, she got a good job, She changed her mind not to get married to an illiterate man.
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So you have a zero plan for your own life abi. I can’t believe that people like you still exist in this century, from alex Rolar.
mirage said
Alex take it easy na..can’t u see dat he loved her? Lol…love can make one crazy sha
Isaac Mcbrian said
U’re a fettish ingrate! How could you? Ladies of this present century are marred up with deceitful eventualities. Poor you! I guess you’re still in a sleeping world, wake up!
soft said
mumu, u dey use ur money dey invest on a lady.
TONY said
U Fuckt up shaa, may b none of ur siblings didnt smell school nd u were lavishn money on a goat. e don happen,ur gamble didnt pay off. but act lyk ntin hapnd, pick urself up nd move on
Agatha said
Guy, pls forge ahead with your life. the truth is this lady is not your real wife. if you marry her, you will regret for the rest of your life. Let me share with you, similar experience I had, but now the person I got married to is my love , joy, and everything. If I had married the so called, I would have regretted. So , pls, cheer up this is happening now than later.
Sometimes it is very hurt when you have invested all what you have in a relationship and it doesn’t work as planned.

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