Lauren alaina decided to call off engagement to high school boyfriend

Lauren Alaina Decided to Call Off Engagement to High School Boyfriend Yesterday


Yesterday evening, which is Monday, Lauren Alaina informed her followers on Instagram that she and her boyfriend Alex Hopkins has decided to call off their engagement.

In the statement, Alaina writes that she and the model have “grown into very different people over the last six years,” which has led them to their decision to part ways. “We are now in a place where we are each looking forward to starting our own fresh, new chapters of lives,” she explains.

The “Road Less Traveled” singer adds, “We both love and respect each other and hope you all will do the same.”

Moreover, the country star says “this has not been an easy decision” for them to make, but that they both “feel it is the right decision.” 

Lauren also shares that she felt inclined to share the news of their breakup since their fans “have been so supportive of us through all of our ups and downs, including personal struggles with health and family.”

Her ex-fiancé shared the same message to his Instagram, however, he adds that despite their best efforts, they “just weren’t a part of each other’s perfect plan for our individual lives.”

“And that’s ok. She and I get to focus solely on ourselves and our different futures for the first time since high school. Sometimes what we want and what God has for us is totally different things,” he writes. “Just trust that no matter the outcome, everything works out for the betterment of your life.”

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