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My Indomie is Ready- How I love to eat Noodles

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Yeep… Indomie is best served when it is hot, oh it pains me i couldn’t record the process how i got my noodles prepared but never mind at least you see the picture.

This afternoon was a little bit different, have been at home since morning, i truly believe today that when you have nothing doing someone tend to get angry the more.

After taken lunch, a few hours later i couldn’t hold any more, feelings of hunger press me like. i don’t know what’s up with my stomach today.

I just pray am not going to finish the whole food in here before night.

I dashed into the kitchen to look at what i can eat, fortunately, i got my hands on noodles.

Wow, am so happy, it is sounding like i too like food, don’t mind me joor i can be freaked out sometimes it comes to food

Biko am begging don’t invite me to your house because i said i like food, i may disappoint you.

I got my noodles prepared without beef nor egg, i love it like that.

How it was prepared( Ingredients)

1. Got the gas light up

2. Put the pot on the gas with required water that can cook up my noodles

3. Add groundnut oil.

4. Slice in two fresh tomatoes

5.Slices some fresh pepper with onions

6. Leave it to pour for like 5 minutes

7. Then my noodles were added with the spices

8. My noodles got ready within 5 minutes

Cost of cooking


See the photos below:

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