Nigerian Universities Degree Certificates of Nowadays

Nigerian Universities Degree Certificates of Nowadays

When we were younger they told us the only way to greatness is by acquiring a university degree certificate.

We were told to go to school, everyone believes that after graduating from school our future is going to be secured to an extent, due to what we were told.

Truly in the past, once you are a graduate the tendency of you securing a better job is very high but in Nigeria of nowadays, the reverse is the case.

It is only in Nigeria you are going to see a graduate of estate department at the end of the day after graduating from school selling wears, in the same country graduates are now the bike man and other job activities that don’t relate to what they have studied in school.

We need to get this problem solved because of the coming up generation, our leaders should make provision for all graduates so that they can be productive to the country at large.

The government needs to do something.


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