Rich People Never Ask How Celebrities Make Their Money- Swanky Jerry

only poor people ask celebs how they make their money swanky jerry

Swanky Jerry who is a Celebrity stylist has taken to his social media page to clear the air about Nigerians who knows how to questions celebrities on their source of income.

He got this shared on his IG page, he then said rich people never ask how celebrities make their money but it is only poor people that usually asked such questions.

 Swanky wrote:

It’s so funny how you never see a rich person asking how celebs make their money … it’s mostly people who never chop bellyful asking these questions ….
Why must celebrities be your only inspiration ? There are people like dangote , folorunsho alakija , femi otedola , mark Zuckerberg , bill gates ,and many more that could inspire you ….. shebi you know their sources of income why not follow them and become a billionaire like them? NO u people stay asking how Nigerian celebs makes their money … ELLLLOOOO people have multiple sources of income and it’s not everything one must put on social media…. like I’m not going to come and plaster on my fashion page about how I invested in real estate to help support my fashion brand and lifestyle …: bitter people stay asking Toke , or hush how they make their money ?mrs alakija has shown you how she made her money go follow her and become the richest black woman in the world and stop this madness in 2020 .. mind your own business and let celebs live their own life … if you don’t like them don’t follow them period …… focus on your own life . It’s lame to spend your entire life wondering what another person is doing to better their own life while your life is at same spot since 1700

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