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Take a look at Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit Themed Adidas Collection


Kylie Jenner the youngest billionaire of the moment has collaborated with Adidas to drop her collection themed Adidas Collection. The beauty mogul may be at the helm of a billion dollar business, but she hasn’t traded her beloved sweats and hoodies for power suits.

Jenner told Vogue Magazine that “I think the color turned out so beautifully.” The idea of coordinating an outfit to beauty there is nothing new for Jenner, whose social media is filled with instances of her matching her lipstick to what she’s wearing, but she insists the fashion statement is what’s most important. “I definitely take into consideration my make-up every time I pick an outfit,” she says. “The outfit comes first. And then the make-up. So [it’s] like an accessory—the cherry on top.” Jenner said A beauty quick-change artist who’s apt to switch hair colors and gloss shades on a whim Jenner’s Adidas collaboration grew out of what else: her popular range of lip kits. “Shady [is] this really beautiful blue, it’s out of the box and inspired me to create all of these super cute clothes with Adidas,”

Jenner has plenty of things to do in 2019. “There’s a lot that I want to explore for Kylie Cosmetics. I haven’t really stepped into the face,” she says alluding to products for brows, lashes, and skin. “What it’s really about for me is having fun and making people feel good.” Don’t be surprised if that optimism extends into fashion as her ongoing collaboration with Adidas continues to evolve. Here, the first look at Jenner’s latest collection from leggings to lip kit.

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