The Ethiopian Tribe Where A Lip Plate Makes Their Women Look More Attractive

I saw this on the internet and I said to myself am gonna talk about this,  you should know has a lifestyle blogger things like this  post must be talked about. Around the world, there are still some of  us that  the technology advancement  has not taken away. Some of us still maintained our traditional  way of life and this is what makes me to post this because according to the picture you are seeing, you can easily see what am talking about . In Southern Ethiopia, Lake Turkana and the Lower Omo Valley see how lip plate make their  women  look attractive. 

The Surma people is made up of three ethnic groups: The Mursi, the Suri, and the Mekan people. The Suri and the Mursi share a similar culture. Their women’s beauty is determined by how large their lip plate is.  Lip plates are usually made of clay or wood and range between 4 and 25 centimeters. To be placed on the lip, two or four teeth are removed before the lower lip is cut to fit the lip plate. This lip plate process is usually done by their mother when they attain puberty… wow anything can make you beautiful in Africa. 

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