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The Most Searched Content on Youtube is Food – Google

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Everybody food that is why it is the most searched content online and social media platform.

The Taiwo Kola-Ogunlade, Google West Africa Spokesman said that food enthusiasts often get tempted by pictures and videos of delicious food prepared by Nigerian amateurs and professionals.

In a statement on Friday released by him, said; food was embedded in the ways that people interacted socially, entertain guests, have business lunch meetings, dinner dates, and celebrate with food.

According to him, the Google official said that apart from the health benefits, the memory of a delicious meal could linger as food play an integral part in our lives from our well being to our social norm.

Ogun dele said that the aroma, the colours, the plating and the taste of the food, all worked together to create a lasting experience in us.

”In Nigeria, there are some passionate food enthusiasts who are doing a wonderful job of creating and sharing food content online.

”They share food recipes, food hacks, tips and tricks on how to prepare delicious dishes and information that can help us make better cooking and eating decisions

”We picked five of our favourite YouTube food content creators that you should know about.

”Which are Zeelicious Foods: SisiYemmieTV, Flo Chinyere, Chef Lola’s Kitchen, Naija Food Tube,” Kola-Ogunlade said.

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