The untold story about Friendship part 1


Right from the beginning of the universe, God created us to love one another.

The love between the father and his children cannot be compared to the one existing between the mother to the children.

It is usually greater than each other, the same thing applies to the love existing within friends.

The bound are usually greater than each other amidst friends.

Friends shares secrecy, they feel free to each other and they can sacrifice anything for each other.

Despite the bound amidst friends, it’s doesn’t go well at all time.

There is an adage of Yoruba that says, 20 children, cannot play for 20 years. I can say that was in the past but these days.

friends who have been together for ages can still be together as long as they want if they really want to.

Best friends usually have a good time and bad time.

What keeps them together is the love between them.

Let me quickly tell you the untold story existing between friends

1. A good friend will never lie to you

2. A friend who loves you deeply would never hurt you

3. Friends support and help each other.

Concluding part coming soon

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