Why I am Fueling My Hustle as a Young Nigeria Youth

Why I am Fueling My Hustle as a Young Nigeria Youth

I know a whole lot of people are going to crucify me after reading this article, don’t blame me I just want to clearly state out what I have in mind.

Nigeria is a land of possibility, it is our greener pasture where every Nigerians sleep and wake up every day. This good land provides for our daily needs.

I know some of you reading will be expecting me to say the reason why am fueling my hustle as a young Nigerian youth.

Let me simply tell you, we are celebrating 59 years’ birthday of Nigeria.

The great nation as been in existence before I was born, and luckily I was born and brought up in Nigeria.

The whole hustle started from here and am still here till today, we are blessed in this great nation.

Am fueling my hustle in Nigeria, because I want to be proud of my own country anywhere I go, I want the whole world to know where I was born and brought.

We are good people, lovable and success achievers. The land is green.

My promise to this land is to be proud of her anywhere I go no matter what the circumstances may be.

Happy independence day to Nigeria



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