Why you don’t need to die for African men all in the name of love

These days people tend to fall in love wrongly sometimes, I can say that boldly here, because that guy you want to die for doesn’t worth it, how on earth would you tell me you are in love with someone that doesn’t want your progress.
In some cases you will hear am in love with him but he usually beat me everyday what do you think I can do I still love him,  hmmmm am not going to tell you what to do but seriously I think you know what to do. If you die because of him today he is going to date or get married to someone else after few months of your departure.
Am not telling you not to fall in love, I only need to advice you not to fall in love with the wrong person, when you fall in love with the right man you are going to enjoy it and likewise the other way round if you fall in love with the wrong person your relationship with such man can never go well.
Your man must love you than you do to me, the ratio should be 60/40 he should love you 60% so that he can cherish you all the days of his life, even if you love him more than he does don’t show it to me because once he knows you are in trouble,  don’t die for love.
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