Wow See Why she Was Rusticated Out of School, University of Lagos Female student was rusticated

Unilag female student who was caught filmed twerking with the statue of former VC of the school, Prof. Tunde Sofoluwe about 2 Months ago, has been rusticated from the school,  following the rustication people were saying rusticating her out of school is not good enough while some said that is best for her.
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One of those who said the action taken by institution is not good enough is  Atila a nairaland user, who says
What exactly is the offense she committed. Abi is it illegal to twerk with the statue. I hope this info is false.
comment by sinaj on nairaland
He said ,
i watched the video and didnt see anything thats bad enough to warrant rustication Even if they want to punish her, why didnt they make her do community service or even write an apology letter Funny enough its the same lecturers that sleep around with students nd evn collect sorting fee that sat over the panel to met this kinda punishment.
By Gutternass
Most Nigerians dont know their right,no wonder the police and army keep assaulting them physically.
There is no law prohibiting people from dancing(or twerking) with a stature. Something may be morally wrong but not legally wrong(morality itself is relative). I hope she meets a very good human right lawyer and sue the school for wrongful dismissal.
By Philipmems
she danced with a statue, an inanimate object. That is the ground for rustication? Unbelievable, I can’t believe the so called half baked professor that is the VC will approve such a judgment on a student for dancing “clothed” with a useless piece of rock… Unbelievable.
By gift01
What is wrong with Unilag management? Is it their Twerk? Someone cannot twerk in peace again. Nigerian schools have no fun in them. Must everyone be sadistic or normal. A university should be for universal (diverse) behavior. They just made the chick popular.
By buffalowings
Someone cannot twerk in peace again, A year suspension should have been given.
Those who liked what the management did to her, comments below,
By slapandfall
She was suspended for 4semesters..
I feel it’s good for her.. Let’s be sane as humans please. What was she thinking about while doing this? Or she just wanted to trend like others on social media right.. I think now, she can go learn skills or trade or go into street dancing since she doesn’t see any need taking her education serious.
Funny comment out of all
By 13ShadesOfMay
Baba stands on his own jeje u go dey tease am. If he chuku-chuku you from behind, y’all be shouting rape. Foolish girlie.
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